Soda Peaks – Getting to the trailhead, Ch. 1

It was a warm summer afternoon, Mat and I had just piled into the loaded up car. We were headed to the mountains for a weekend trip. A trip that would be pretty strenuous, but designed that way to help get our bodies ready for the Sleeping Giants trip in August.

It wasn’t more than a few moments before we came upon a vehicle attempting to turn, so brought the car to a gentle stop, prepared to patiently wait out the maneuver. However, instead of proceeding the driver put it in reverse. I clumsily reached to put my car into reverse, flailing around as if I had been surprised by a bucket of water being dumped on my head. All while the incoming car was inching closer and closer. I finally got it into reverse and hit the gas, seconds after impact. I couldn’t hear what Mat was saying above my own internal voice, other than something along the lines of “holy shit, holy shit”. 

The impact occurred as I threw the car into reverse, and lurched the car backwards out of further harm’s way. When I then angrily laid on the horn. I was irritated. Who backs up without looking, in the middle of a street? The driver, an older lady, stopped and got out after realizing what occurred. She said something like “I’m so sorry” with an accent that I couldn’t place, as I was walking to the front of my car to assess if there was damage. My only response was “You didn’t see me?”. With a sigh of relief there was no damage, and without another word I jumped back into the car and off we went. Mat was visibly irritated. For me, I’m just glad it wasn’t worse. Onward to the trail! We made it to the trailhead without any more excitement, which was surely a good thing, as we had no idea what lay before us.

We are preparing for a 166-mile, 7 day trip which is a fundraising hike for Hike for Mental Health. Please donate if you can, otherwise share with your social network!