About Us


man with a hat and backpack
Casey on Mt Adams

Growing up, Casey was heavily involved in Boy Scouts, and various outdoor activities with his family, and later his Father. After a long hiatus of not doing any outdoor activities (mid-20s to late 30’s), Casey returned in 2017 to backpacking.

For whatever reason, I decided to look up blogs about the PCT

In the fall of 2016, for whatever reason I decided to look up blogs about the PCT, and I unearthed a whole world that I was unaware of. Back in the early 90’s I remember my dad telling me that the Pacific Crest Trail went from Mexico to Canada, and that only a few people had done this. One of the blogs that enamored me, was written by Wired. I found her blog in 2016, who hiked the PCT in 2011, and then continued on to hike many other long trails. Needless to say, I had a lot of reading to do! About halfway through her blog (May 2017), I realized that there must be YouTube channels doing this by now. Especially since most people had quit blogging their adventures and turned to the camera.

Ever since then I have acquired gear, tweaked my setup and polished skills that had long collected dust.


Growing up in the Great Pacific Northwest my world was lush and laden with lore as if crafted for exploration.

Having had the opportunity to live throughout the country in my teens and 20’s, I circled back for home in my 30’s to find what I had left behind so many years ago… Sasquatch!.. Naw, nature!

The wild Pacific ocean, ferns in the fog, mystical mountains, disorienting high deserts and legendary raging rivers of my youthful imagination.

Always wondering, always wandering.